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MF Series Softeners with Task Master II™ 1½” Valve 12/08/06 no change 05/09/07 discontiued 06/07
Model No. Description Part No. Weight lbs. List Price ($)  
MF-120-1½” Simplex 931836 737


MF-120-1½” Twin 931846 1,417  discontinued  
MF-120-1½” Twin Alt 931846-11 1,432     discontinued       
MF-120-1½” TA Skid 931846-11A 1,742     discontinued      
MF-150-1½” Simplex 931837 859 discontinued  
MF-150-1½” Twin 931847 1,577 discontinued  
MF-150-1½” Twin Alt 931847-11 1,592 discontinued  
MF-150-1½” TA Skid 931847-11A 1,902 discontinued  
MF-180-1½” Simplex 931838 870 discontinued  
MF-180-1½” Twin 931848 1,683 discontinued  
MF-180-1½” Twin Alt 931848-11 1,698 discontinued  
MF-180-1½” TA Skid 931848-11A 2,008 discontinued  
MF-200-1½” Simplex 931839 1,000 discontinued  
MF-200-1½” Twin 931849 1,941 discontinued  
MF-200-1½” Twin Alt 931849-11 1,956 discontinued  
MF-200-1½” TA Skid 931849-11A 2,266 discontinued  
MF-225-1½” Simplex 931840 1,042 discontinued  
MF-225-1½” Twin 931850 2,027 discontinued  
MF-225-1½” Twin Alt 931850-11 2,042 discontinued  
MF-225-1½” TA Skid 931850-11A 2,352 discontinued  
MF-240-1½” Simplex 931841 1,069 discontinued  
MF-240-1½” Twin 931851 2,081 discontinued  
MF-240-1½” Twin Alt 931851-11 2,096 discontinued  
MF-240-1½” TA Skid 931851-11A 2,406 discontinued  
MF-300-1½” Simplex 931842 1,497 discontinued  
MF-300-1½” Twin 931852 2,937 discontinued  
MF-300-1½” Twin Alt 931852-11 2,952 discontinued  
MF-300-1½” TA Skid 931852-11A 3,327 discontinued  
MF-450-1½” Simplex 931843 1,815 discontinued  
MF-450-1½” Twin 931853 3,520 discontinued  
MF-450-1½” Twin Alt 931853-11 3,535 discontinued  
MF-450-1½” TA Skid 931853-11A 3,910 discontinued  
MF-600-1½” Simplex 931844 2,410 discontinued  
MF-600-1½” Twin 931854 4,655 discontinued  
MF-600-1½” Twin Alt 931854-11 4,670 discontinued  
MF-600-1½” TA Skid 931854-11A 5,280 discontinued  
MF-750-1½” Simplex 931845 2,765 discontinued  
MF-750-1½” Twin 931855 5,365 discontinued  
MF-750-1½” Twin Alt 931855-11 5,380 discontinued  
MF-750-1½” TA Skid 931855-11A 5,990 discontinued  

Simplex System  A single lined and coated  mineral vessel with MF side mount control package.  A single brine tank with Accumatic brine system.


Twin System Two epoxy lined and coated  mineral vessels with MF side mount  control packages operating in parallel.  A single brine tank with safety float valve assembly. Both vessels are on- line (except during regeneration).  Shut-off kits, pressure gauges, and test tap kits  are optional. Units bypass when in regeneration.


Twin Alternating System A twin system with ARC timer controllers, Electronic Demand Regenerator II , one 1½” turbine flow meter with brass body, and two 1½” alternating shut-off kits. Twin alternating systems operate with one vessel on-line and one on stand-by (except during regeneration) while providing a continuous flow of softened water. Pressure gauges, and test tap kits are optional.


Twin Alternating Skid Mounted System Skid mounting includes carbon steel skid with piping supports and  WATER KING blue enamel epoxy coating.  Skid systems are prepiped and prewired at the factory.  Wiring is non-metalic flex conduit with disconnect and fuses.


COPPER FACE PIPING Add $220.00 list per vessel. Includes dielectric unions to isolate steel tanks from copper piping. Specify system by adding "-C" to the part number.