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Prior to mid 2002, the 720210 brass top mount adaptor came with a 1-1/4” riser pipe socket that used the # 300740 distributor “cup” as a seal, and a # 400075 tank O-ring. The brass top mount adaptor made after 2002 (no change in part number) has a 1-1/2” socket with a # 300741 O-ring, and uses the # 400080 tank O-ring.

When replacing valves on older tanks, (or re-bedding the tank) it is important to note the size of the manifold pipe, and/or the seal on the tank adaptor.  The two sizes of pipe look almost alike, but the 1.25” pipe will not seal in the newer adaptors. A miss match here will cause the water to by-pass the resin bed, and the tank will not produce soft water. Likewise the larger pipe will not go into the older adaptor, and the distributor cone will be crushed if this miss-match is not noted. It is also important to match the proper tank O-ring to the tank adaptor.

We currently have (5) 1-1/4" Manifold assemblies with bills in the system: 

703023-2  no length in the description / 6' pipe

703045 for 71" tank / 6' pipe

703008-1.25 for 54" tank / 4' pipe

703025 for 62" tank / 5' pipe

703034 for 40" tank / no BOM

We currently have (2) 1-1/2" Manifold assemblies with bills in the system:

703008 for 54" tank / 4' of 1.5" pipe

703006 for 65" tank / 6' of 1.5” pipe ( this part is normally used in all bills, and is cut to fit per application)


The TMIII tank adaptor #720215 is identical to the late 720210, except it is made of stainless steel.




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