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  Frequently Asked Questions - Why Buy from Water King?

Water King water treatment equipment can be designed to meet virtually any water treatment need from residential through commercial/industrial or municipal applications. Softening, dealkalization, and multimedia filtration processes, at varying capacities, can be configured to meet the needs and specifications of our customers.

Water King specializes in pressure softeners and filters with steel or fiberglass tanks and its exclusive Taskmaster III control valve. We routinely build custom skid mounted packages, pre-piped and wired, which require minimal installation work. Boiler water treatment and other industrial softening applications are a mainstay of our business.

Expertise is one of our main assets.  We have extensive technical capabilities including registered professional engineers, CAD drafting, and thoroughly trained staff.  Our worldwide network of dealers and representatives stands ready to provide local sales and service of our equipment.  Let us work for you and show you how experience, quality and service results in the best water treatment equipment.




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